Thursday, March 01, 2012

"At the Scene of the Crime" Officially Kicks off its One Year Anniversary!

This post was meant to be made yesterday, to coincide with March 1st, but YouTube was stubborn and refused to upload the video below properly, forcing me to do so in two parts. Here they are now and I've managed to manipulate Blogger into temporarily agreeing with me that today is yesterday. So hopefully that all works out.

Welcome everybody to March, and here At the Scene of the Crime, we've got a special treat in store for you! That's right, I've pulled out the royal "we" as we get ready to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the blog! Technically, I didn't create the blog until the end of this month, but I uploaded a video far sooner and wrote some articles before creating this site. And so, as a reasonable person, I decided to simply devote the entire month to the celebration.

Below, in two parts, is a Q&A video where I take time to answer some frequently asked questions and some questions that you asked me to mark the anniversary occasion. I hope you enjoy it and I hope you will join me throughout the month for the festivities!


  1. Congrats Patrick on the beginning of the celebrations and well done on the videos which certainly come through loud and clear. Glad to see that Carr is still your favourite - he's still mine too - but I see that I persuaded you less on Julian Symons that I first thought! I shall have to plan my campaign of action much more sneakily to get past your defences, clearly!

    Nicely done mate - really looking forward to seeing what pops up this month.

  2. Congrats, Patrick! And this reminds me that I still have to read that book for our cross-over review. I feel like The White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland.

  3. Congrats, Patrick! Great job on that video. I really enjoy watching it, getting a few good laughs too. I look forward to watching more video episodes from you.

  4. Thank you to you all for the wishes! Here's to many more years of my pestering you!

    If we're talking about Symons the author, the online GAD community is conspiring to get me to read his stuff. The push is getting similarly desperate to their Margaret Millar effort. But Symons the critic still leaves me fuming quite often. BLOODY MURDER is an excellent but flawed work-- but it's one that inspires debate to this day! It's unfortunate that so few mystery fans are actually conversant with it, though.

  5. Congratulations on the anniversary, but even more on the quality of your blog. A very good read.