Monday, May 30, 2016

You are not the millionth visitor!

Well, this milestone has come unexpectedly!

When I checked in on the blog today, I discovered that the view counter was well over 1 million visitors! This is despite the fact that I haven't posted anything at all recently, focusing instead on my studies.

I would like to take this moment to thank all of you, the readers, for your support. This blog would not be possible without you and your support! At the Scene of the Crime is not going anywhere for now.

This milestone has gotten me to reflect on how much I have changed along with the blog. When I started this blog back in 2011, I was a very different person. Although I had originally conceived of the blog as mainly GAD oriented, discovering authors such as William L. DeAndrea, Bill Pronzini, Paul Doherty, and Paul Halter helped to broaden my horizons into more contemporary mysteries as well.

The blog was founded after I had read a particularly bad book, and I wanted a forum on which to express my distaste with the book and, by extension, the author. There have been similar moments throughout the years -- such as when I was infuriated with The Act of Roger Murgatroyd or when I got absolutely disgusted with Mickey Spillane's I, The Jury (which led to all sorts of contradictory fun when I eventually became a Spillane fan). This kind of snarky, angry style was perhaps what I was best known for -- especially when it came to defending the honour of Agatha Christie or G. K. Chesterton. That being said, I'd occasionally switch it up, such as when I wrote a review of a Harry Stephen Keeler novel in the style of Keeler. I enjoyed doing this writing, and although I might phrase things a little differently if I were to write these reviews today -- for example, I don't think I'd get nearly as upset with Gilbert Adair -- I do think my work holds up relatively well.

However, my reading had to be put on hold extensively when I entered the seminary in 2014. My studies are very important to me, and consequently I'd find myself reading Winnie Ille Pu for entertainment (AND Latin instruction) instead of, say, the latest Nameless Detective novel. If it is any consolation, this focus on my studies has resulted in me receiving an academic award for my performance in the final year of my philosophy program.

Though my activity levels on this blog have dropped significantly, I'm glad to see that people still read my material, and I hope that it has been found useful, informative, or perchance even entertaining. I hope you continue to read and enjoy this blog, and I will continue to maintain the blog, even if I my posting is erratic and sporadic. (That being said, I do hope to have a review in the next week or so.) [edit (May 2017): Yeah, that review sadly never happened...]


  1. Congratulations Patrick and glad to hear that the studies are still going strong! All the best chum. Sergio

  2. Congratulations on your academic award, Patrick! And thanks for all the insightful and fun posts over the years.

  3. Congratulations on this milestone, Patrick. As you know, it's a lot easier to attract the attention of your fellow mystery enthusiasts than it's to get rid of us. We'll continue to haunt this place until you've got some time on your hands again. ;)