Monday, February 13, 2012

Being the Return of YouTube videos


  1. Patrick, your humour doesn't get old! Good job on the blog so far! The blue sure does beat the purple! HURRAY for the CELEBRATION!

  2. Well, I've had a few side distractions that kept me from picking a book for our cross-blog review and I have no idea if we can still squeeze something in, but if its questions you want:

    Over the past 12-15 months, we've seen a mushrooming of blogs that dedicate themselves to the promotion of Golden Age Detective stories and traditionally-styled whodunits and the internet has given independent publishers a market place to sell their books. On top of that, we have witnessed first-hand the advent of the online self-publishing industry and this finally brought Paul Halter's locked room novels to our bookshelves, but what do you think this will do for the genre in the long run? Will it merely reclaim some of its visibility or are we finally at the dawn of a Silver Age? And is there anything you would like to amend about this nook of the blogosphere?

    1. You should also take a shot at explaining the ghost of Harry Stephen Keeler to your readers without giving them the idea you forgot your meds. Because we're totally serious about that!

  3. Quite a show for your video clip,Patrick. I do look forward to enjoying the March celebration. Thanks for being informative and entertaining.

  4. Great stuff mate - nothing like a good trailer to keep us fans in suspense ...