Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Great Blog Redesign

For a while now, I’ve been meaning to change the look of the blog. At first, I thought I’d do away with the purple and throw in scans of my favourite book covers. It wasn’t a bad idea, except the file size ended up being so huge, I was forced to scrap it. Then I thought of taking photos of my shelves— that didn’t work for similar reasons.

And then I thought to myself: “The blog is called ‘At the Scene of the Crime’…” Well, Golden Age mysteries and crime scene maps go together like peanut butter and jam! I took a quick look through some of my books and ended up scanning a few diagrams. Then, thanks to Curt Evans (who has uploaded some great pictures onto his Facebook account), I obtained a diagram from a book I didn’t own. After playing around with Photoshop to give me the diagrams in my desired colour scheme (I won’t bother you all with details), the result was the new background image.

It is composed of five crime scene diagrams from five books:

(1)      Paul Halter’s Le Diable de Dartmoor (The Demon of Dartmoor)
(2)      John Dickson Carr’s The Three Coffins (aka The Hollow Man)
(3)      Freeman Wills Crofts, Death on the Way (with thanks to Curt Evans)
(4)      John Dickson Carr, The Problem of the Wire Cage
(5)      Paul Halter, La Tête du Tigre (The Tiger’s Head)

What else has changed? Gone is the purple—as much as I enjoyed the colour, it was time for a change. The new colour scheme involves a dark blue-green. This redesign has resulted in a different look, a distinct one from my French-language blog, Sur les lieux du crime.

So, welcome to the new crime scene! Your comments are, of course, welcome! Keep your eyes peeled for another review coming soon!


  1. This is definitely a huge improvement on the previous look!

    I have one more question, though... when are you finally going to read Filmi, Filmi, Inspector Ghote? ;)

  2. Glad you like the look!

    An excellent question... and I can't answer with a definite date. I don't own the book and I have such a huge stack of library books, adding to it would just be wrong, especially since I only have a few weeks left before I leave for Spain (where I not only will not have Internet access, but I also won't be reading anything at all to blog about on my return!!!).

  3. You're going cold turkey? I foresee major withdrawal issues, unless one of your fellow on-flight passengers / hotel guests is kind enough to commit a murder for you to investigate, but people are rarely that considerate – not when I'm around, anyway. My holidays were never interrupted by a juicy murders, not even once!